• What is Game Bot. It’s in which computer plays game in somehow by a program written in any language. Means that the computer replace human to play game not such […]
  • How to monitor the PC Keyboard suing Win32 library ? we need  four functions bellow: CALLBACK Function SetWindowsHookEx Function UnhookWindowsHookEx Function GetKey Function The first one is to check when […]
  • 1- Initialization INCLUDE "P16F877.INC" __config _XT_OSC R0 EQU 0 R1 EQU 1 R2 EQU 2 R3 EQU 3 C0 EQU 4 C1 EQU 5 C2 EQU 6 C3 EQU 7 […]
  • Simple Recorder is a simple program allowing you to capture videos from your camera and desktop. The program use Expression Encoder from Microsoft. First import the flowing : using Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.Devices; using Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.Live; using […]
  • What you need to do is to modify the Main function to: static void Main() { (new Service()).OnStart(args); // allows easy debugging of OnStart() //args must be specified or set […]
  • Most Wide Area Network standards have been developed for use by public-carrier data networks. A public data network is a network established and operated by a national network administration authority specifically for […]

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